10 Jul, 2024

🧙‍♀️Defeat Rita Repulsa in the Dungeon Event!

Event Period: Until 06pm on June 15 (Server Time)

Rita Repulsa is a powerful intergalactic sorceress who rules the planet M51 with an iron fist. Her domain is marked by a combination of advanced technology and ancient magic, which she uses to subjugate the inhabitants and expand her empire. Rita is known for her ruthlessness and cunning intelligence, always devising new ways to defeat her rivals, the Asteria Rangers. She has an army of loyal minions and formidable monsters, as well as a vast knowledge of sorcery that makes her a formidable opponent. Determined to conquer the universe, Rita Repulsa will not rest until the Asteria Rangers are completely annihilated. Those heroes who dare to challenge Rita Repulsa will have the chance to obtain legendary equipment such as the Rita Repulsa Necklace and a Ultrazord Egg.

 You can create a Rita Repulsa dungeon room via the World > Dungeons menu!


Ultrazord Egg
Rita Repulsa Necklace
Rita Repulsa Fashion Bag
Legendary Weapon Shard
Garbage Grabber Rod
Diamond Fragment
Loot Token

Mana Storia
12 Jul, 24
Sheeeesh new dg event ❤️

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