05 Jul, 2024

🥚Egg of The Month / July 2024!


Long ago, in the high mountains of the Frozen Lands, there was a guardian spirit called Umubuga. His skin was as blue as the deepest ice, and his eyes glowed with a fierce inner fire. Umubuga was a giant, with sharp fangs and horns that resembled stalactites.
He danced on the snow, protecting the villagers from the storms and dangers of the mountains. But everything changed when a dark sorcerer placed a curse on him. Anger consumed him and he became an unstoppable force. His roar echoed across the glaciers, and his fury was like a snowstorm. Those who dared face him were crushed by his powerful claws.



◆ Mana Restore III: Regenerates a portion of hero MP.
◆ Aim III / IV: Increases the chance of making a critical hit by up to 30%. When you make a critical hit, the critical damage is increased by 50%.


◆ Umubuga provides 2000 or 4000 (Mystical variant) EXP when used as material to feed another pet.

Umubuga is now available at the Pet Market, located in Town.
05 Jul, 24
Sheeesh cool looking pet 🔥

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