13 Jun, 2024

⭐The Malthar's Revenge Event!

The undead rise from the depths of the Undead Ruins, and an ancient evil threatens to devastate Asteria. Join Leon Kennedy and uncover the dark secrets hidden in the ruins, finding the lost diary, the ancient map and the fragments of forbidden relics. Gather all the clues and face the mighty lich Malthar! The fate of Asteria is in your hands!

Event Period: Until 06pm on June 21 (Server Time)


During the above period, you will be able to interact with Leon Kennedy (you must be at least Level 90) to help him investigate a strange undead uprising that is taking place in the Undead Ruins. Carry out the missions proposed by Leon, defeating enemies and collecting key items (Loot Tokens are allowed, but not recommended, check rewards bellow) that tell a bit of the story of what happened in these sinister ruins, and then get ready to face the fearsome lich Malthar! Check out the rewards for these quests below:

Part 1/9: Loot Token x25
Part 2/9: Loot Token x200
Part 3/9: Loot Token x100
Part 4/9: Loot Token x100
Part 5/9: Loot Token x100
Part 6/9: Loot Token x100
Part 7/9: Loot Token x100
Part 8/9: Loot Token x200
Part 9/9: Malthar Epic Box 


◆ Malthar will be present at the raid battles, starting at 9pm today, June 13th (Server Time). Defeat him for extraordinary rewards.


◆ Use the  Malthar Skull material, obtained from the Malthar Epic Box or from the Malthar raid boss drops, to create Malthar's special wings and weapons.
◆ You can't recycle this equipment, so if you want to try creating it at higher rarities, you'll have to get more  Malthar Skulls.


Necrosis is the new Mana Storia pet! It can be obtained by completing Leon Kennedy's requests or from raid boss drops.
◆  Necrosis brought a new skill "Manatap": Attacks the enemy with magic and regenerates 30/50/70/90/110 MP.

Mana Storia
13 Jun, 24
Quack 🦆
14 Jun, 24
Do something about the raid rooms Devs it's always full due to this event
14 Jun, 24
And defeat 10 times is also too much
14 Jun, 24
Lezgow 🩷
17 Jun, 24
Remove skull drop from raid if you don't want to give 😡

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