03 Jun, 2024

💀Defeat Facecreeper in the Dungeon Event!

Event Period: Until 06pm on June 07 (Server Time)


Facecreeper is a worm that lives underground in the ancient caves of Asteria. It is said that those heroes who cross its path are hypnotized by the Facecreeper's dark face. Those heroes who dare to challenge Facecreeper will have the chance to obtain legendary equipment such as the Facecreeper Amulet and a Facecreeper Egg.

You can create a Facecreeper dungeon room via the World > Dungeons menu!


Facecreeper Egg
Facecreeper Amulet
Facecreeper Fashion Bag
Legendary Helmet Shard
Gigaga Rod
Diamond Fragment
Loot Token

Mana Storia
Tha looks like Jhono 👀🤔

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