23 May, 2024

🐙Face Abdopus in the Dungeon Event!

Event Period: Until 06pm on May 26 (Server Time)


Giant Abdopus is an ancient octopus of titanic proportions, whose legends say emerged from the darkest depths of the primordial ocean. Its eyes, shining with an evil intelligence, watch the intruders' every move, prepared to strike with lethal precision. In the heart of his aquatic domain, among the remains of wrecked ships and forgotten treasures, Giant Abdopus waits patiently, ready to defend his territory against any adventurer bold enough to challenge his sovereignty. Those heroes who dare to challenge Abdopus will have the chance to obtain legendary equipment such as the Abdopus Ring and an Abdopus Egg.

You can create an Abdopus dungeon room via the World > Dungeons menu!


Abdopus Egg
Abdopus Ring
Legendary Boots Shard
Slowmo Rod
Diamond Fragment
Loot Token

Mana Storia

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