30 Jan, 2024

🥚Egg of The Month / February 2024!


In the high altitudes of Mount Celestia, a titanic fire dragon known as Drakonir rules the skies with his fiery and imposing presence. Its scales glow like incandescent coals, reflecting the divine light that bathes the region. Its wings, robust and imposing, slice through the air as it glides gracefully through the celestial currents, leaving a trail of intense heat in its wake.



◆ Fire Bolt V: Creates a fire bolt that deals magic damage to the enemy up to 150%.
◆ Protect IV: Creates a shield that reduces magical and physical damage taken by 50%.
◆ Desecrate II / III: Increases the chance of enemies to drop 50% more of an item when defeated while this buff is activated. The item will be highlighted in pink on the result screen.


◆ Drakonir provides 1500 or 3000 (Mystical variant) EXP when used as material to feed another pet.
Drakonir is now available at the Pet Market, located in Town.

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