22 Dec, 2023

🤖🌀Nebula Sentinel in the Ads Chest Reward!

Period: Until 06pm on January 22 (Server Time)


Nebula Sentinel is the Ads Chest's first exclusive pet! Its Laser Beam IV, Enrichment III (or IV in the mystical variant), and Aim III skills make it an excellent partner in battle! During the above period, you will have the opportunity to obtain a Nebula Sentinel Egg by opening an Ads Chest after visiting a sponsor ad. 
 Get an Ads Chest via the Rewards > Ads Chest menu!


In addition to the Nebula Sentinel Egg, you can also get Loot Tokens and Diamonds in better quantities by opening Ads Chests!

Mana Storia
22 Dec, 23
i hone hat i can get this very good gift for this coming christmas.. So please give me this one, and i promise that i been,be loyal to this game i'll promise that atthe restoff my life. WHAHAHAHAA

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