17 Nov, 2023

🧙Face Elder Magician in the Dungeon Event!

Event Period: Until 11pm on November 20 (Server Time)


The Elder Magician is a venerable magical being whose knowledge transcends generations. An inhabitant of the Arcane Temple of Asteria, he is shrouded in a cloak of mystery and wisdom. His white beard and centuries-old eyes emanate an aura of magical power, revealing a unique connection with the energies of the Goddess Aimo.
During the event period, you'll be able to face the Elder Magician in search of epic equipment shards, Loot Tokens and Diamond Fragments. Heroes who manage to defeat him will also have a chance of finding an Elder Magician pet egg (up to Divine rarity).

You can create an Elder Magician dungeon room via the World > Dungeons menu!


Elder Magician Egg
Diamond Fragment
Epic Armor Shard
Epic Helmet Shard
Epic Pet Gear Shard
Loot Token

Mana Storia

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