06 Nov, 2023

🥚Egg of The Month / November 2023!


Long ago, during an era of conflict on the planet Tantalus, a brave warrior was on the brink of death after an epic battle. Her body was rescued by a visionary scientist who, desperate to save her life, skillfully combined human biology with the most advanced technology. Her shattered limbs were replaced with robotic parts, allowing him to survive but retain her human essence.
The Biomech Knight, now half-human, half-machine, defends the weak, guided by a code of honor that combines the courage and morality of her original human form with the strength and precision that technology has granted him. Her presence is recognized by her shining armor and crystal sword, and her story is told as a symbol of overcoming and unity between humanity and technological innovation. A tireless protector, the Biomech Knight travels the world, inspiring others with her incredible journey and unwavering determination. Her skills Cut IV, Machine Learning II, Enrichment III/IV allow her to deal deep damage to her enemies and considerably increase their Gold drop.
The Biomech Knight is now available at the Pet Market, located in Town.

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