04 Sep, 2023

🥚Egg of The Month / September 2023!


Alien Trader is an alien robot from the planet Tantalus, known for his exceptional dexterity as a trader and negotiator. He was trained from a young age in the intricacies of local commerce and possesses a unique buff skill: "Enrichment II" (or Enrichment III in its mystical form). By using this skill, Alien Trader is able to make enemies drop up to 40/55/70/85/100% more Gold when defeated while "Enrichment" is active.
Traveling to various planets, Alien Trader has established a network of contacts, earning a reputation for his honesty and business ethics. As he greatly values the friendships he makes along his journey, Alien Trader is also able to heal allies using his "Heal III" skill.


◆ This skill/buff will increase the individual Gold drop of each enemy that is defeated while the buff is active.
Alien Trader is now available at the Pet Market, located in Town.

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