14 Mar, 23

⭐Side Quest Events: Where is Minichu?

Hello everyone!

Until 6:00pm on March 23 (Server Time), you will be able to participate in the special events of the side quest "Where is Minichu?". Check out, right below, more information about the events.

#Event 01: Where is Minichu Quest

You will be approached by Shiho, a worried girl who has lost her precious magical cat, Minichu. Shiho will ask for your help in finding and rescuing Minichu, launching you on a mission full of dangers and challenges. Throughout the journey, you will have to face numerous obstacles, such as searching for the cat in Thesnola Peaks, Fossil Cave, Acos Highlands, and Lake Kisale, always following clues and facing enemies. Each step will bring you closer to discovering Minichu's true destiny.

Talk to Shiho near your home to start the mission.

#Event 02: Community Challenges

Work together to complete the Community Challenges and receive great items and an exclusive familiar skin!

#Event 03: Daily Competitions

Collect Krablion Scrolls by defeating Krablion in the Lively Grove expedition to be ranked in the event. Every day at the end of the day, the players who collect the most  Krablion Scrolls will receive capsule shards and Diamonds!

Thank you for playing Mana Storia!

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