05 Mar, 2023

❤️ Get amazing rewards in the Referral Program!

Hello there!

Today we are introducing the Referral Program at Mana Storia. Through your Referral Code, you can recruit other people (spreading your code on Google Play, Facebook, Twitter and other sites) to join Mana Storia and then receive rewards whenever they complete a map (your friend will receive AWESOME rewards for registering)! Check out the details of how it works below.

▌ Referral Program

1. To view your Referral Code, go to the floating menu and click on the option "Invite!":

2. A window will open and your Referral Code will be displayed. Share this code with your friends or on other websites and social networks so that other players can join the game (They can enter the code when registering or after logging in):

3. In the "Friends" tab you can see how many friends you have already recruited and their progress on the latest map. When the map is completed, the corresponding reward will be sent to your Mailbox. Then the progression of the next map starts. This for all your friends!

4. In the "Rewards" tab you can see the rewards for all maps. The rewards are in ascending map order, from Grassy Plains to The Vortex:

▌ Program Rules

◆ Alts accounts is prohibited. Players who attempt to circumvent the anti alt system will be permanently banned.
◆ It is prohibited to create an alt account to help a friend in the Referral Program.
◆ You will receive the rewards only once per friend per map. The rewards do not reset after your friend performs rebirth.
◆ There is a limit of 10 players recruited per Referral Code.

We hope you enjoyed this new feature! We count on your help to spread Mana Storia around the world!

Mana Storia
Acconts from the same IP is allowed? Because all the persons i can to share is my family. 🤭
07 Mar, 23
No xD
Acconts from the same IP is allowed? Because all the persons i can to share is my family. 🤭
16 Sep, 23
We live we love we lie🗣️🗣️
20 Oct, 23
wow its nice
Wow, the old rewards look a lot better than these new ones. And also I'm pretty sure I didn't get all of the rewards from a few people.
03 Dec, 23
Use code J8IMF
17 Dec, 23
My code AFH8L
11 Jan, 24
Não tá aparecendo para colocar o código?
My code QQ5GC
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