01 Mar, 2023

🥚 Mecha Goblin is the featured pet at EoTM!

Hello everyone!

Mecha Goblin (Morph/Neutral) is the new featured pet at Egg of The Month!

Mecha Goblin was created by genetic engineering somewhere on the planet Tantalus. After rebelling against the villain Extraveous, Mecha Goblin vowed to serve and support the humans of Asteria. With his skill Explosion IV Mecha Goblin is able to cause great physical damage to enemies, he can also recover part of the hero's HP with the skill Heal III. In addition, his skill Mana Restore II (or Mana Restore III - Mystical variant) helps to regenerate MP faster.
The Egg of The Month is available at the Pet Market (Town)!
02 Mar, 23
Parece ser poderoso kkk

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