04 Nov, 22

🥚 Shyld is the featured pet at EoTM!

Hello everyone!

Shyld (Oddity/Light) is the new featured pet at Egg of The Month!

Shyld was the first creature created by the demi-god DaleReki. With his Bash III skill, Shyld is able to inflict a great physical damage on an enemy, and can also recover part of the hero's MP with the Mana Restore II skill. Shyld's is also able to reflect part of the damage it receives back to the enemy thanks to his Reflect I skill (or Reflect II in his mystical variant). 

Reflect I  = Reflect 40% damage received for 3 turns.
Reflect II = Reflect 50% damage received for 3 turns.
Reflect V = Reflect 80% damage received for 3 turns.
The Egg of The Month is available at the Pet Market (Town)!
galing naman ni dale 😊
16 Nov, 22
Icikiwir asolole

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