14 Sep, 22

⭐(Extended) Egyptian Myths Event!

Hello, adventurers!
Today we are starting the week of the Egyptian Myths! Check out the event details and have fun!

Until September 26st, 6:00 PM (Server Time)

▌EXP Bonus

During the entire event period, the following EXP bonuses will be active:

Hero EXP: 1.25x
◆ Pet Material EXP: 1.25x

▌Anubya Side Quest

Talk to Anubya at your House to receive event missions with the following rewards:

◆ Part I - Egyptian Myths:   50 Diamonds
◆ Part II - Egyptian Myths:  01 Elixir of Vocation EXP
◆ Part III - Egyptian Myths: 01 Express Vocation License
◆ Part IV - Egyptian Myths: 200 Pet Cookie
◆ Part V - Egyptian Myths:   01 Familiar Capsule (Epic)
◆ Part VI - Egyptian Myths: Anubya Skin (or diamonds, if you already have the skin from the previous event)

▌Osiris Raid Boss

Face the raid boss Osiris to get one of the following rewards:

◆ 20 Loot Token
◆ 20 Pet Cookie
◆ 50 Dragon Fruit
◆ 02 Mummy Fashion Bag
◆ 01 Familiar Capsule Shard (Legendary)
10 Capture Cage
◆ 03 Hunting Ticket
◆ 01 Rare Osiris Necklace (85 HP, 15 SPD, +3% hero EXP)
▌Community Challenges

During the event period, complete the Community Challenges to unlock even more exciting rewards! 

Have fun and thanks for playing Mana Storia!
14 Sep, 22
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